Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Blasting Booth Rental Overview


  • 24'L x 14'W x 9'H Blasting Room.
  • Outdoors blasting area for oversized vehicles/projects.
  • Efficient blasting booth air exhaust system to minimize dust for maximum visibility!
  • Two Climate controlled blasting helmets...for blaster and a helper.
  • We feature an 8 camera security monitoring and recording system for you and your projects protection.
  • Rent on a per hour basis plus blasting media.

Sandblasting Booth Rental

Blasting Booth

Soda Blasting a 1950 Olds

Soda Blasting in Booth






Included in the blasting booth rental: use of two positive air-flow blasting helmets with cool or warm air tube breathing system with wall-mounted carbon monoxide airline monitor, gloves, floor jack, floor dollies, jack stands, overhead hoist, and a variety of blasting tables, stands, and racks to place or hang parts.

State of the art safety equipment included:

Nova 2000 Abrasive Blasting Helmet with Positive Air-Flow
Helmet Cold Air Tube for Summer Use
Wall-Mounted Carbon Monoxide Monitor with Light, Bell and Siren Warning System for Blasting Helmet by Radex
Helmet Airline Filter
Sandblasting Helmet

Sandblasting- Cold Air Tube

Helmet Hot Air Tube for Winter Use

Blasting Booth Warm Air Tube
Carbon Monoxide Monitor Sandblasting- Airline Filter


 Blast media and Rotisseries available on-site at an affordable cost:

  • Rotisserie Rental: 24 hours
  • Soda: one time use 
  • Glass Beads: 4 to 5 times use
  • Plastic Beads: 5 to 6 times use
  • Black Diamond: 5 to 6 times use
  • Star Blast: 5 to 6 times use
  • Medium Sand Blasting Sand: 6 to 8 times use

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Additional Services

Heated On-Site Workbay Rentals: 10' X 20' bay to include workbench and 3' X 8' X 12' multi-shelved storage rack. Workbench with a 5" vise.

Heated On-Site Work Bay Rental

20' Vehicle Trailer (with 10,000 lb. wench): We can transport your project to and from our location for a reasonable charge.

Forklift On-site: for unloading/loading.

Rotisserie Rental: rotisserie available to rent with our spray booth and blasting booth.

Rotisserie Rental