Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Spray Booth / Blast Booth Rental!

Welcome to Spray Booth/Blast Booth Rental, LLC. Book time in our professional spray booth and blast booth for your restoration projects. All professional-grade painting, blasting and safety equipment is included in the rental rate for use in our rental booths. Note: There is an additional cost for the use of the rotisseries.

Map & Directions

Map to Spray Booth Rental, LLC

We are conveniently located 25 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City in Eudora, Kansas. Our facility is located at: P.O. Box 609, 1499 E. 2300 Rd., Eudora, Ks. 66025. Click on the map icon to access a full interactive map and get directions to Spray Booth/Blast Booth Rental, LLC. If you are in the Kansas City area, we are not too far away! We work hard to make your customizing dreams come true!

Online Reservation System

We feature a simple online reservation system for registered users! Established customers are provided with registration details giving them 24/7 access to our Online Booking System for scheduling time in our Spray Booth, Sandblasting Booth, or Bead Blaster Booth. Call us today at 913-548-2894 for details.

Rent a Professional Grade Spray Booth, Sandblasting Booth, or Bead Blaster in a clean, safe, and heated environment in the Kansas City Area!

Open 24 hours per day/365 days per year!

Spray Booth Rental

Spray Booth

Blast Booth Rental

Blasting Booth

Spray Booth/Blast Booth Rental, LLC offers use of our professional spray booth, sandblasting booth, and bead blasting booth at very reasonable rates. Blast and/or paint your project in a clean, safe and heated environment.  

Heated work bays and heated paint booth (not a bake booth).

Click on a link below to see more details: 

Bead Blaster Rental

Bead Blaster

Heated On-Site Workbay Rentals

In addition to our professional rental booths, we offer on-site work bay rentals. 10' X 20' bays include workbench 3' X 8' X 12' multi-shelved storage rack. Workbench with a 5" vise. 

Heated On-Site Workbay


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Additional Services

Heated On-Site Workbay Rentals: 10' X 20' bay to include workbench and 3' X 8' X 12' multi-shelved storage rack. Workbench with a 5" vise.

20' Vehicle Trailer (with 10,000 lb. wench): We can transport your project to and from our location for a reasonable charge.

Forklift On-site: for unloading/loading.

2-Post Lift: Available On-Site

2-Post Lift

Rotisserie Rental: rotisserie available to rent with our spray booth and blasting booth.

Rotisserie Rental